Florian’s Bookshelf – My All Time Favorite Books

Welcome to my bookshelf! Here I present to you my favorite books which  helped me grow as a professional and as a person. I earn a small commission per click so if you want to support me further, please check out these awesome titles. Otherwise feel free to get to know me better and have some inspiration here. 🙂

I missed a great addition? Feel free to drop me a line. I’m always keen on new books for my shelf.

The Cucumber Book

This one was my little pal during my first position as a QA engineer. It does not only a great job explaining the Cucumber-framework, but it manages to teach you basic principles of test automation and Behavior Driven Development, too, making this book a great guide to test automation for all profession levels. The first release is based on Ruby, but a Java-version is available, too. (Of course I have them both. 😉)

The Cucumber Book Image
The Cucumber For Java Book Image

Cucumber Recipes

Here you get many advanced and real world – based ideas to extend your Cucumber-fu. Want to set up a CI or get your hands dirty with mobile test automation? Or do you want to see how to test the serial interface of an Arduino device? Here you go!

Cucumber Recipes Book Image

Clean Code

The handbook of agile software craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin was a recommendation during my earlier days of software development, but it contains great advice for test automation engineers, too. With wits and humour, it guides you through your journey of writing readable and easily maintainable code.

Clean Code Book Image

Books to understand the basics

During my early months of test automation, I successfully took the ISTQB Foundation Level – Challenge. Training was hard, but thankfully I had this one by my side. For my English-speaking fellows, here’s the English version by the same authors.

Audio books on my phone (WIP)

Paperbacks and hardcovers are great, but sometimes you want to learn something new while you close your eyes and relax a little. This is where audio books come into their own. For me personally these often revolve around soft skills and insights on a higher level rather than detailed tech topics, because it’s rather difficult to recap on details in an audio book, but for higher level contexts they are ideal.

So let’s get started with my top recommendations provided by Audible.

The Art of War

On my journey to leadership land one of the first things I had to learn was how to become convincing. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War helped me to understand that arguments and conflicts are rational rather than emotional. This change of perspective helped me to grow into a more convincing and – of course – strategizing person.

Here’s the German version I use, and here’s the English version presented by Aidan “Petyr Littlefinger Baelish” Gillen.