My Project Portfolio

This is the hall of fame for my projects. Here I list my finished Apps, CLI Tools, SaaSes, websites and other noteworthy creations. More is supposed to come, so stay tuned!


My playground project I use for Rust programming and testautomation. This is a rudimentary encryption solution for single files based on AES. You may recognize the Cucumber features from my cucumber-rust tutorials here, here and here.

Disclaimer: As it is a training project by a sole person, it is far from being production ready. There are far (far far far, did I mention far?) better solutions.


An even more rudimentary (as in „not production-ready!“) file encryption tool. For some reason, my first training project tends to be a file encryption tool… whelp, why not. 😅 file_encryptgor was created as a Golang learning project and was designed for single files and whole directories.


As a Rust and a Quantum Computing enthusiast, it was only natural that I just had to extend the areweyet-wiki for quantum computing frameworks. Therefore, I chose an evening, hacked like crazy and came up with this, and yea, it was well accepted. 😄

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