My Project Portfolio

This is the hall of fame for my projects. Here I list my finished Apps, CLI Tools, SaaSes, websites and other noteworthy creations. More is supposed to come, so stay tuned!


My playground project I use for Rust programming and testautomation. This is a rudimentary encryption solution for single files based on AES. You may recognize the Cucumber features from my cucumber-rust tutorials here, here and here.

Disclaimer: As it is a training project by a sole person, it is far from being production ready. There are far (far far far, did I mention far?) better solutions.


An even more rudimentary (as in „not production-ready!“) file encryption tool. For some reason, my first training project tends to be a file encryption tool… whelp, why not. file_encryptgor was created as a Golang learning project and was designed for single files and whole directories.


As a Rust and a Quantum Computing enthusiast, it was only natural that I just had to extend the areweyet-wiki for quantum computing frameworks. Therefore, I chose an evening, hacked like crazy and came up with this, and yea, it was well accepted.


If you read my socials, you might have found out already that I published my first app to the Google Playstore: Hauschecker is aimed at being your personal swiss army knife, when it comes to buy real estate in Germany. Currently it is an MVP calculating total gross prices and extra costs for a given property net price in a given state. I have many more features planned for the foreseeable future, so stay tuned make sure to follow me.

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