A Quick PSA about My Testing Life

Hey testing world, this is a short update about what’s going on in Floh’s testing life. You might have noticed that it was quite silent in here for a few weeks. This is because I had to learn. A lot. But thankfully it paid off: I passed the exam for the ISTQB© Certified Tester Advanced Level – Test Manager.

Actually I wanted to wait for the Acclaim Badge to be issued, but it seems it takes a while. Therefore, here’s the announcement. Once I get the badge, you can find it on my business profiles page.

What did i get out of it?

Ok, enough about myself. The much more important question is: What will I bring back to the company? Within the lessons, I identified two big points to improve on:

Measure a lot more

Before the learning kicked in, my measurement revolved mainly around basic requirements coverage to see, when we are „done“. Since back then I always had the feeling, that it’s not enough. There is much much more to our apps, the quality and the project team than the mere requirements coverage or the backlog burndown charts. Now I am sure that I urgently have to improve on my measures and thus transparency.

Getting involved in risk analysis

I joined the party project quite late, and therefore missed out a lot of the fun that happened at the beginning. Furthermore, since risk management is supposed to be done continuously, I’d like to perform internal risk analysis sessions with my project team. Here I want to give the team a platform, where we can address possible problems in a structured way. The result will be an insight-rich document, that we testers can feed upon in order to see, in which direction we should proceed. E.g. should we go more in-depth for bullet point A, or is there a point B, that is not handled at all?


Although I’m happy about having passed the exam, I am super thankful for the lessons learned, too. I discovered important improvement points, gained a big load of new knowledge and valuable insights. This means a lot to me and I’m sure, that it will help me becoming a better professional in the short and in the long run.

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